Ijen Crater East Java

Ijen Crater East Java

Ijen Crater East Java
East Java is an island into a tourist paradise, one of the tours very interesting adventurous tourists are Ijen Crater East Java. Travel Ijen Crater is a crater that there is a largest lake on the island of Java. the depth of the crater itself is at 200 meters and contains about 36 million cubic meters of steaming acid water, and has a blue color Tosca very beautiful if lit by sunlight.

Ijen Crater has an altitude of 2,368 m above sea level, and at the Ijen crater itself in kelilingin by a caldera measuring 20km, the last eruption occurred in 1999, which resulted in a total closure to tourists.

Ijen crater is largely mountainous region including from Banyuwangi district and is part of Baluran National Park in the northeast.

Travel Ijen Crater for tourists become main appeal because the shape of a crater lake unique and large that has many sources of sulfur, another unique happening in the crater of Ijen is the miners who were hunting sulfur, they bring the shards of sulfur for transport to the post shelter sulfur. they can bring a range 70-80kg transport.

Not just a lake we can see in the crater of Ijen some natural phenomenon is so beautiful to look at that beauty of a blue flame. blue flame occurs when the evenings, tourists usually start climbing activities at night were at the beginning at 01 am. To see the blue flame sediri we need a local guide because the terrain to get to that location is very steep and quite dangerous.

Access road to Ijen crater tour is divided into two options, namely from Banyuwangi and from Bondowoso. You take the path banyuwangi if your journey from the east is the island of Bali, and to track your Bondowoso if traveling from the west that of Surabaya, Malang, Pasuruan, Sidoarjo, Probolinggo and surrounding areas.

Ijen Crater east Java is well worth all to visit due to the current has to be excellent for the tourists, our suggestion if you want to enjoy a tour of the crater of Ijen do in the holiday season arrives because in this place will be a lot of travelers who also want to see the beautiful crater lake ijen.

Ijen Crater east Java

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